Casall Explicit Sports Bra Thunder

Vörunúmer: CAS1638-907

Casall Explicit sportbrjóstahaldari svartur.

Þessi flotti brjóstahaldari er mjög þægilegur og hefur púða sem gefur kvenlegt og fallegt útlit.


Casall Explicit Sports Bra Thunder

Casall Glaring sports bra has a cut out back and a forming padded front which adds a stylish flavor and feminine silhouette.

  • Perfect fit due to the forming padded front.
  • Thin padding with nipple concealment.
  • Wire made of padding for nice shape and support.
  • Perforated, breathable and non-absorbent padding.
  • Soft elastic with textured surface for excellent wicking.
  • For medium impact training.