Liv Intrigue Advanced Fjallahjól

Vörunúmer: Liv-Intrigue Advanced Fjallahjól

Liv Intrigue Advanced Fjallahjól


Komum okkur úr umferðinni, úr bænum, á stígana og fjallaslóðana. Hvort sem það eru malarstígar við borgarmörkin eða erfiðustu slóðar hálendisins þá finnur þú eitthvað við hæfi í fjallahjólunum frá Giant og Liv.

Top Performance Trail

Maestro Suspension, Advanced-Grade Composite tuned for women, and no-compromise finish.

Balanced Agility

With a versatile 150mm/140mm platform and 27.5-inch wheels compatible with up to 2.6-inch tyres, Intrigue is a dream for both climbing agility and downhill control.

Truly Dialled for Women

The Intrigue Advanced is designed around Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy combined with suspension testing conducted by women for women, and tuned to perfection through iterations of female athlete prototype testing.


Intrigue Advanced is a corner carving, descent dominating trail bike that leads the charge with Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy, and uses our Advanced-Grade Composite material. Focus on soaking up the experiences instead of the bumps, with 150mm front suspension and 140mm rear suspension on an ultra-light and stiff Advanced Forge Composite linkage. 27.5-inch tubeless Boost wheelset can accommodate higher volume tyres, up to 2.6 inches, so you can customise your ride based on your terrain. Frame geometry, composite layup and suspension tuning are created specifically for women by women. With improved pedalling efficiency and an aggressive trail riding position, including lengthened top tube and shortened stem, the Intrigue Advanced is eager to encounter edge and beyond