Vörunúmer: MII-11055

MIIEGO Sport Heyrnatól: Fyrir bæði kyn.

Þægileg og passa vel - Detta ekki af við hreyfingu og æfingar.

Sparaðu þér 40.000 kr. sekt og notaðu þau í bílnum til að svara í símann og spila tónlist.

Vatns og svitaheldin,

Þráðlaus: Bluetooth v.4,0

Innbyggður hljóðnemi

Rafhlaða endist í allt að 8 tíma í spilun.

Fylgihlutir: Vatnshelt box fyrir heyrnatólin, auka púðar, usb hleðslusnúra.


Top-class audio performance with aptX

By using only high-end drivers and components, new M1+ by MIIEGO delivers superior audio performance with aptX® codec technology and rich, crystal-clear sound including deep, strong bass and clear treble. The new M1+ by MIIEGO provides nothing less than a top-class audio experience.

Super lightweight with EXTREME battery life

Besides being very lightweight (25grams) the M1+ by MIIEGO also has an extremely powerful battery optimized to give you up to 16 hours of music playing time per charge. That’s more than enough to give you all the effective, worry-free running and training time you need.

High Performance Comply® Isolation Ear Tips

New M1+ by MIIEGO provides the ideal fitting thanks to pre-installed Comply® Isolation Memory Foam Tips. The Isolation T-Series tips are engineered with super-soft memory foam that gently seals the ear canal, provides amazing comfort and fit, and blocks noise – so listeners hear music the way it was meant to be heard.
IPX6 for all weather conditions

New M1+ by MIIEGO comes with the IPX6 water resistance which can sustain strong water jets at any angle. Weatherproof reliability to keep up your performance at any conditions.