Reima Moomin Yngst Húfa Blush Pink

Vörunúmer: RE-518575M-4301

Reima Moomin Yngst Húfa Blush Pink

Falleg múmín húfa úr 50 % ull

  • Babies' beanie
  • Wool is ideal for temperature control
  • Full lining: soft, warm fleece
  • Decorative knit pattern
  • Pom-pom on top

The warmth of wool and softness of fleece lining.

This cute babies' Moomin beanie is perfect for winter days. It's made from a soft and warm wool mix with a fleece lining. Thanks to the strings, this mini hat stays secure. Reima tip: match it with the Moomin Viska mittens as a sweet present for a little one.