Reima Reise Thermolite Sokkar Bleikir

Vörunúmer: 527241-4620

Reima Reise Thermolite Sokkar Bleikir

Stærðir: 26/29 30/33 34/37

These cool kids' long wool knit socks are a great choice for active outdoor adventurers! Made of warm and soft Merino wool mix, the socks are perfect for temperature control, especially during frosty winter days! The wool knit is also super breathable and quick-dry to ensure maximum control during fun outings.

  • Kids' socks
  • Long rib cuff helps to keep the sock in place
  • Warm, yet dries quickly
  • Soft Merino wool mix for perfect temperature control
  • Merino wool mix retains warmth even while moist
  • Lighter quality!
  • Colorful stripe pattern