Reima Villakas Ullarleggings Rose/ Black

Vörunúmer: RE-526432-4017

Reima Vilaus Ullarleggings Rose / Black

Æðislegar ullarleggings sem er hægt að snúa á tvo vegu ( reversible ) munstraðar / svartar

Ullarblandan passar að barninu sé hlýtt. Fullkomnar sem millilag en einnig frábærar í leikskóla / skólann

Reversable pants with pockets. Very nice and soft on both sides, so you can change your look as you please. With merino wool knit for extra comfort and warmth.

How great would it be if you could choose your outfit with your eyes closed? With patterned wool on one side and solid colour polyester on the other, this new, reversible Reima item lets you do just that! Twice as nice, any way round!