Thorlo Experia Black

Vörunúmer: TH-XCCU-066

Thorlo Experia Black

Vinsælustu sokkarnir! Thorlo sokkarnir vernda fæturnar, þykkari undir hæl og tábergi sem kemur í veg fyrir særindi. Frábærir í hlaup, ræktina, á hjólið í gönguna....

Designed for feet that don't hurt. 

High performance runners, cyclists, hikers and fitness walkers who prefer a minimal amount of foot protection. 

  • Lightweight Achilles Tendon pad protects against rubbing and chafing while functioning as a heel lock.
  • THOR•WICK®COOL fiber in the ball and heel pads provides enhanced moisture management.
  • Specially sculpted THORLO® pads in the ball and heel provide protection from shear and impact where needed. All but most of the essential padding, significantly reducing the weight of the sock.
  • Ultra lightweight sock frame. Nylon covered LYCRA® provides contoured aerodynamic glove-like fit.
  • Mesh Polyester for maximum breathability.