Asics Gel-Pulse 13 Karla - Black/White - Sportí


Asics Gel-Pulse 13 Karla - Black/White

Litur: Black/White
Stærð: 44,5(US 10,5)

Asics Gel-Pulse 13 Karla - Black / White

The GEL-PULSE™ 13 shoe creates the cushioning you need to keep your mind focused on your workout. Whether you're on a run or at the gym, this shoe offers good comfort for a smooth stride. This shoe is designed with a more forgiving fit that accommodates a broader range of foot shapes. The upper also features our engineered jacquard mesh, which improves airflow to keep your feet cool. Underfoot, the restructured AMPLIFOAM™ cushioning and GEL® technology produce a soft yet responsive stride.