Asics Gel-Tactic GS Krakka - Peacoat / Silver - Sportí


Asics Gel-Tactic GS Krakka - Peacoat / Silver

Litur: Peacoat / Silver
Peacoat / Silver
Stærð: 35 (US3)

Asics Gel-Tactic GS Krakka -Peacoat / Silver

Comfortable, flexible and ensures smooth handling. The shoe decreases shock upon impact significantly and great on dry and wet surfaces.

  • Extra support for the Rearfoot and forefoot
  • Treated with California slip fasting technology, which has the foot firmly in the shoe and prevents slippage.
  • The sole can be easily removed - if you desire to customise the sole
  • The shoe reduces shock upon impact and allows your feet to manoeuvrer smoothly
  • The lightweight shoe ensures a high response speed