Asics Pre Noosa Tri 13 PS Krakka - Sportí


Asics Pre Noosa Tri 13 PS Krakka

Litur: Pink Glo / Sour Yuzu
Pink Glo / Sour Yuzu
White / Black
Stærð: 27 (K10)

Asics Pre Noosa Tri 13 PS Krakka -

Litríkir og flottir hlaupaskór fyrir vorið/sumarið!

Hlutlausir, léttir og þægilegir með góðu gripi.

(koma í stærðum 27-35)

Drawing design cues from our flagship triathlon shoe, the PRE NOOSA TRI™ 13 PS style channels the same energetic color blocking, backed by a technical design, and componentry.

Featuring a mesh upper to increase airflow that helps keep feet cool, this shoe’s vibrant colorway is combined with a series of bold “NOOSA” graphics.

Injected with improved comfort thanks to the injection EVA midsole foam and increased flexibility in the forefoot, this shoe also incorporates a toe stitching and rubber outsole compound for improved durability.