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Db The Djärv Bike Bag

An armored bike bag ready to take your bike from The Tour to Crankworx.

✓ Racing car roll cage for best in class protection
✓ Compresses to 35% of its full size for easy storage
✓ Best in class size, fits race bikes to the biggest mountain bikes.
✓ 4 wheels - no need to lift the bag to move around
"Douchebags’ The Djärv bike transportation bag will make you immediately think of rally cars. The Ferrari-red roll cage offers sufficient protection for your cherished bike and makes for a very sturdy bike bag. The removable roll cage also enables user-friendly handling of the bike with the convenience of a work stand. Once the bike has been stowed, the Db retains its shape during transportation. Most of a bike bag’s life gets spent in the storeroom – this too Db has thought about: the Djärv Bike Bag can be rolled up, lashed down with straps and stowed away while using up minimal space. The high-quality workmanship is on par with exclusive Scandinavian design."

Winner Equipment, Design & Innovation Award 2019
Db Roll Cage
Inspired by the lifesaving roll cages used in racing cars, the construction of The Djärv Bike Bag centers around the unique and patented Db Roll Cage, which is an internal frame work that protects the bike while at the same time creates stability and structure to the bag.
The patented Db Roll Cage offers superior protection against impact and pressure loads compared to a conventional soft bag. Because of the aluminum frame, The Djärv Bike Bag performs like a hybrid between a soft bag and a hard case bag with a very good protection-to-weight ratio.
The Djärv Bike Bag entails the same advantages as a soft bag, meaning that it weighs much less than a hard case bag and can also be collapsed and rolled up for easy storage, where it can be compressed to 35% of its full size.
The assembling and disassembling of the frame is quick and easy and requires no tools.
One bag fits all. The Djärv Bike Bag is designed to fit any type of mountain bike from Freestyle bikes to Downhill- and plus size bikes. With the included Road Bike Handlebar Adaptor the bag will also handle any type of road bike with a curved, detachable handlebar. The generous length of the bag allow bikes with long wheel bases, up to 130cm to fit inside the bag. One bag to rule them all.
Integrated wheel compartments
Designed for wheels from 26” to 29”. With rigid PE-plastic boards and ABS rods to protect brake discs and spokes.
Preparing the bike on the side of the bag
Preparing the bike is easy as you can do this on the side of the bag. Attach the bike to the bike block and the fork protector before you install the bike to the bottom track in the bag.
Handle bar protection
The Djärv Bike Bag offers enhanced protection of the handlebar gear- and brake shifters. One end of the handlebar is protected by a padded pocket on the fork protector and the other end of the handlebar is protected by Db’s unique handle bar protector.
Detachable fork protector
Detachable fork protector with padded compartments for suspension fork and handlebars. The fork protector is compatible with Db’s Road Bike Adaptor for transportation of a road bike.
Secure fastening of the bike
The self-standing structure of the patented Db Roll Cage allows for a very efficient attachment of the bike to the bag. The bike is mounted inside the cage in a centered, upright position and secured with straps. To keep the bike steady during transportation, all the bike straps features buckles with locking levers, which prevent the straps from slipping and the bike from shifting position.
Hook-up system
The Djärv Bike Bag is prepared for Db’s hook-up system which makes it possible to dock other Db luggage and packs to the bag.
Internal stash pocket
For pedals and tools.
Tensile Fabric Structure
The patented Db Roll Cage™ works as a support structure for the fabric walls in the bag and creates a strong structure by applying tension to the fabric, much like a drum skin. The tensile fabric structure helps the bag maintain its shape and protects the bike by creating a distance between the bike and the fabric walls.

The self-standing structure of the patented Db Roll Cage provides unparalleled stability and balance of the load.

All wear points and high-stress areas is well reinforced with webbing and Hypalon fabric to ensure quality and durability over time.

Wheel housing and plastic feet under the bag are mounted with screws instead of rivets, which makes it possible to replace any broken parts instead of the entire bag having to be discarded.