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Db The Tillägg Crossbody Bag Black

Þegar vasarnir eru ekki nóg og taska er of mikið.

✓ Smart internal pockets
✓ Detachable shoulder strap
✓ Db hook-up compatible

Essentials Only
The Vault is a sleek, compact bag to keep your essentials within arms reach. Phone, keys, passport, hard drive, snus — basically anything you’d want in the seatback pocket.
Smart Pockets
Do you like to have everything in its rightful place? The smart sleeves and mesh pockets within The Vault allow you to organize your passport, credit cards and chargers for easy access.
Detachable Shoulder Strap
Allows you to sling it around your body and carry it on its own, or remove and put it inside your backpack or luggage.
Hook-Up System
Our patented hook-up system lets you attach / detach The Vault to create an extra compartment on any larger Db product, and our gate lock G-hooks means it’s more secure than ever before.