Liv Enviliv Advanced Pro 2 Disc - Sportí


Liv Enviliv Advanced Pro 2 Disc

Stærð: Medium
Malbikið kallar. Hvort sem þúhjólar á göngu og hjólastígum eða í hörðustu keppnisbrautum þáer Giant með rétta hjólið fyrir þig ogþitt lið.

Best Aero Road Bike

Cutting edge tube shaping and a geometry that adds comfort and power to an aerodynamic body position.

All-Speed Control

The lateral stiffness in the fork and disc brakes offer the kind of control that frees your head to stay in the zone.

Uncompromised Stiffness

The high-speed efficiency is next to none for the strongest of sprinters, with incredible power transfer and an aero build.


The boldly aerodynamic EnviLiv is designed with an Advanced-Grade Composite frame to be sharp and snappy, for a blazing-fast ride. Extraordinary lateral stiffness in the fork and unrivaled stopping power of aerodynamic disc brakes stack up for precise cornering control and stability. An integrated aero handlebar and stem, tubeless wheel system with 28c tire clearance and aero tubing features will punch through rolling hills and slice through the wind.