Reima Soutu Jacket Grey Green - Sportí


Reima Soutu Jacket Grey Green

Stærð: 110

Reima Soutu Jacket Grey Green

Léttur vind- og vatnsheldur jakki fyrir bæði kynin! Þjáll og lipur fyrir hverskonar úti ævintýri

  • Vind- vatnsheldur
  • 10.000 mm vatnsheldni
  • Hetta losnar af við tog ( öryggisatriði )
  • 2 vasar
  • Endurskin

Whether in your own back yard or out in the wild, this waterproof Reimatec jacket protects during all explorations. 

Make every day more sustainable! We introduced the first version of our classic Reimatec Soutu jacket in 2016 and it's been one of our best-selling midseason jackets ever since. Soutu means rowing in Finnish. Whether rowing with parents on the lake on a summer evening or busy in the back yard, Soutu is the jacket to trust.  It's an everyday jacket designed to keep kids warm and dry while exploring the outdoors in any autumn or spring weather. 

This Reima Originals jacket is unisex, with several fun colours to choose from. The Reimatec fabric makes it water- and windproof and so durable it can be passed on to younger siblings. Because the material is light and flexible, kids love wearing it. Part of the fibers are recycled, so it is also better for our environment.