Reima Stavanger Kuldagalli Jam Red - Sportí


Reima Stavanger Kuldagalli Jam Red

Litur: Red
Stærð: 122

Reima Stavanger Kuldagalli Jam Red

Þessi er einn á markaðnum - valinn " best in test" á norðurlöndunum

Kuldaþol : -20°

Vatnsheldni :10.000 mm

Chosen as Best in Test in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, this is our absolutely most durable Reimatec one-piece.

This Reima classic was born in 2014. We named it so, because thanks to its insulation and super strong fabric, it stands up to the weather of the ice-coated shores of the North Atlantic, just like the Norwegian city it got its name from.

So, what makes it so special? For a start, it’s made from extremely strong, waterproof yet breathable material. The adjustable waist ensures a snug fit. Add a cosy detachable faux fur trimmed hood and foot loops that keep the hems in place, and you can see why it’s such a firm favourite.

Here’s what the independent Swedish testing site, Bäst-i-Test, said when it gave it top prize in 2018: “Warm without being sweaty, great resistance of water and abrasion, very good fitting, excellent value for money.” We totally agree, but more importantly, so do parents and kids all around the world.