Reima Urhein Vindjakki - Sportí


Reima Urhein Vindjakki

Litur: Black
Stærð: 104

Reima Urhein Vindjakki

Reima Urhein barna jakki, léttur jakki með hettu og vösum á hliðum.

Hann er bæði vindheldur og vatnsfráhrindandi og hentar virkilega vel í alla útivst, skóla, leikskóla og leik

Light jacket for kids with a water- and dirtrepellant finish. Great to bring along.

Sometimes packing for a holiday can be bit difficult when you need to consider all the different weather conditions and activities, but your suitcase doesn't have enough space for all your clothes. We at Reima have designed a jacket for this exact situation. Water and dirt repellent, this windproof jacket for kids is made of super lightweight material, and the mesh lining together with ventilation at back guarantees you'll be feeling fresh. With fixed hood, adjustable hem and elastic cuffs to keep the wind out. Have a hassle-free holiday!