Zone 3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Stutterma Kvenna - Sportí


Zone 3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Stutterma Kvenna

Litur: Black
Stærð: M

Zone 3 Aquaflo Plus Trisuit Stutterma Kvenna

  • Frábært galli fyrir þríþrautina!
  • Temprar vel bæði kulda og hita.
  • Einstaklega gott og þægilegt snið sem gott er að hreyfa sig í.
  • Efni sem andar vel og hleypir út svita.
  • Hægir ekki á í vatni.
  • Þornar fljótt.
  • Valinn "Best Buy" af 220 Triathlon Magazine.

Aquaflo™ is a fast and comfortable fabric designed to give low levels of drag thanks to its water repellent Teflon coating. This hydrodynamic effect is maximised during the swim helping to achieve faster times.
Balanced Compressionis provided through the legs thanks to a carefully designed panel shape and the high denier rating of the Aquaflo fabric. This improves muscle support and helps to increase the blood flow away from the legs, reducing lactic acid build up and improving your endurance and stamina.
Airflo -designed for optimum temperature control by allowing moisture to easily evaporate from the skin and help keep the body cool or warm depending on the conditions.
Revolution-Xis the latest generation tech-fabric made in Italy. Used on the back panels, this fabric is ultra light, breathable and offers 360o stretch.
Inner chest lining – designed to give extra coverage. The inner layer allows you to use the main suit zipper on the front for increased ventilation without exposing too much chest.
Short Sleeve Design: Increased coverage and improved aerodynamics, with a double layered printed band to prevent slippage.
Tri-lite pad: Small and neatly positioned female specific pad features varying thickness levels and fine-line stitching to ensure comfort, reduce irritation and minimise saddle pain.
Ergonomic Pocket Layout - Two carefully positioned pockets on each side to give improved accessibility for nutritional products or other race accessories.
Premium Italian leg grippers– Wider grippers give even pressure distribution and added comfort over the silicone style grippers. These are stitched to the bottom of the leg to create a more comfortable fit and prevent movement.
Elastic Technologyand binding give a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck.
Flat locked stitchingprovides increased strength and durability as well as minimising rubbing and discomfort against the skin.
Front semi-auto lock zipper for extra ventilation during the cycle or run.
Zip protection: Internal lining with 'fold over' cover to minimise any discomfort from the zip.