Asics Japan S PS Krakka - Sportí


Asics Japan S PS Krakka

Litur: White / White
White / White
White/Classic Red
Stærð: 27 (K10)

Asics Japan S PS Krakka -

  • koma í stærðum 27-35 (með frönskum rennilás)

Klassískir og smart strigaskór fyrir alls konar tilefni.

The JAPAN S™ shoes originally made their debut in 1981 and are now available in the kid's JAPAN S™ GS model.

This reworked iteration is formed with a low-top silhouette that's complemented with a court-inspired toe box. It's also complemented with iridescent accents on the sides and heel for contrast.

  • Based on the original 1981 model
  • Modified cupsole
  • Timeless design