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MiiRHYTHM Small sized TWS earbuds with impressive sound

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By using optimized high-quality audio components, MiiRHYTHM by MIIEGO® provides you with crystal-clear sound, powerful bass and a crisp treble. Exquisite sound quality and an uncompromised music experience whether for indoor or outdoor use.

The MiiRHYTHM earbuds are IPX5 certified, which means they are sweat- and rain proof.

MiiRHYTHM by MIIEGO® has won the 2020 WOMEN’S RUNNING product award and has been selected EDITOR’S CHOICE.

Small size and exclusive light-weight design

With these small-sized TWS earbuds you will experience the full essence of freedom as MIIEGO® has combined the very latest and most supreme of wireless technology encased in stylish mini-sized design with a matt, exclusive finish – no annoying cables and up to 7 hours battery time per charge in case*.

The weight of each earphone is only 4.5 grams which makes them small and lightweighted and extremely comfortable to wear. You will soon forget you are wearing them!

*The exact battery time will depend on the volume level and type of music you listen to. We recommend not listening to music at high volume levels over longer periods of time as this may damage your hearing.

Premium charging case with up to 28 hours battery time

With MiiRHYTHM by MIIEGO® you can recharge the earbuds in the included case – pocket-sized in premium stylish design with rounded shape and matt finish as well as a battery capacity up to 28 hours per case charge. No wires, no worries – perfect for your on-the-go use.

True Wireless Stereo and built-in microphones

With a built-in microphone in both earbuds and dual-mode connection from your phone directly to each earbud, the MiiRHYTHM by MIIEGO® provides you with a better and more stable Bluetooth-connection as well as a crystal-clear audio on your calls.

Furthermore, each earbud has an easy-to-operate button where you easily can play/pause your music, skip tracks or even answer calls when needed.

COMPLY Memory Foam ear tips – maximum quality for YOUR optimal fit

MiiRHYTHM by MIIEGO® comes with pre-installed high quality COMPLY™ ear tips made from super soft memory foam material. These unique and top-of-the-line ear tips from USA will gently fit the size of your ear canal preventing them from falling out, but also providing unparalleled comfort and an ideal custom in-ear fit for your ears.

The snug fit of the COMPLY™ ear tips increases isolation and blocks out external noise providing you with a better audio experience with enhanced bass, and you will be all set to enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere without external distractions.

Besides the COMPLY™ ear tips, MiiRHYTHM by MIIEGO® also includes another 3 sets of silicone ear tips for you to optimize your personal and perfect in-ear fit. The 3 sizes are S, M and L.

MiiRHYTHM TWS earbuds are proudly presented by Danish audio brand specialists: MIIEGO® – Active Lifestyle Audio.

MIIEGO® provides you with award-winning audio quality and has won numerous awards and product tests for outstanding functionality and premium design as well as exquisite sound for your active life.