Zone 3 Volare Sundgleraugu - Sportí


Zone 3 Volare Sundgleraugu

Litur: Red / Black
Red / Black
Red / Black Clear Lens
Teal / Cream / Copper
Green / Black

Zone 3 Volare Sundgleraugu

Straumlínulöguð keppnisgleraugu - speglalinsu.

Triathlete USA verðlaunuðu þessi gleraugu sem "Best in Class" fyrir að vera
einstaklega þægileg.

220 Triathlon verðlaunuðu þau sem "Best in Test"

Einstaklega mjúkt silikon.

Vítt sjónsvið.

Polarized og "Anti fog" gler.

Auðveld stærðarstilling.

Our ultimate swim anywhere do anything goggle, combining the low-profile look and performance of a pool racer with the comfort of the ultra-soft silicon gaskets usually only featured in open water swimming goggles.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, then don’t just take our word for it:
Triathlete USA gave the goggles their BEST IN CLASS award and stated “we could wear these goggles all day and forget they were even on our face”

220 Triathlon gave the goggles they’re coveted BEST ON TEST award ahead of 14 other pairs tested and stated “The Volares are a mightily impressive set of goggles which ticks all of the performance boxes”.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-soft silicon gaskets.
  • Wide angle lenses.
  • Polarised Mirror Lenses with anti-fog treatment.
  • Interchangeable nose bridge.
  • Easy adjust silicone split yoke head strap.

Key Benefits:

  • Fine tuned fit and comfort with Interchangeable nose bridges, easy adjust silicone split yoke head strap and Ultra-soft silicon gaskets.
  • Improved vision from Polarised Mirror Lenses with anti-fog treatment.
  • Suitable for both open water and pool sessions.

2018 – 220 Triathlon Magazine – 94% - BEST ON TEST – “A mightily impressive set of goggles that tick all the performance boxes”.
2018 – Triathlete Magazine – BEST IN CLASS

Key Features Include:

Streamlined hydro-dynamic design reduced drag in the water to help you achieve your next pr.
Ultra-soft silicon gaskets minimise pressure around the eyes keeping you comfortable during both open water and pool sessions.
Curved lenses give an excellent field of vision allowing you to carefully navigate your direction and spot any other swimmers.
Polarised lenses minimise the suns glare from the water.
Anti-fog lens protection gives crystal clear vision preventing the need for mid swim demisting.
Custom fit. The goggles fit a wide range of shapes and sizes with an easy adjustable split yoke head strap and 3 different interchangeable nose bridge sizes.