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Björn Dæhlie Jacket Athlete Men

Litur: Black
Stærð: S

Björn Dæhlie Jacket Athlete Men 

Jacket Athlete is a lightweight, technical running jacket intended for fast training when you need an extra layer. This is the perfect jacket for the runner who is looking for the best and simplest outer layer that gives an optimal feeling while you are exercising.

The jacket is made in collaboration with some of Norway's leading runners and is based on what they consider important in a jacket when running at a moderate-high speed.

The jacket is stripped of extra details that may be superfluous during top-level training sessions. With the Jacket Athlete, you get a simple outer layer for short or long runs when the weather demands an extra layer.

The jacket comes in a very lightweight material with four-way stretch that allows optimal freedom of movement. Bionic Finish Eco® technology on the fabric's surface ensures that light rain bounces off.

Narrow but flexible cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves. To increase the jacket's ability to move, it comes with a split opening in the side. Laser-cut holes in the upper part of the back section ensure good ventilation.

Fresh air can enter, and hot, humid air can be released. Simple breast pocket with room for small personal items. Front zipper is finished with a comfortable chin guard. Reflective details for greater visibility.