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Björn Dæhlie Men´s Tights Athlete Men

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Björn Dæhlie Men´s Tights Athlete Men

Tights Athlete are long running tights with good support for the muscles. Intended for training or competitions when you need full-length tights.

The tights are made of recycled material and have good moisture-wicking properties. They have a minimalist design and fit snugly.

The ventilation material on the back comes with 37.5 technology that helps maintain the ideal core temperature while you're exercising.

The particles cool you down when you are warm and create energy to heat you up when you are cold.

The technology consists of naturally in-built particles in the fibers that capture and release moisture up to 5 times better than ordinary polyester.

An elastic waistband with a concealed drawstring means that the tights sit well during exercise.

A small key pocket in the waistband can accommodate small items. Flat seams provide protection from chafing. Reflective details for greater visibility