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Björn Dæhlie Pants Aware Herra

Litur: Nine Iron
Nine Iron
Stærð: S

The optimal modern cross -country pants for the environmentally conscious skier, perfected for training in cold environments. We strive to create products in a way that can reduce our environmental footprint, and Pants Aware is our latest advance on the journey towards becoming sustainable. Pants Aware consists of recycled 3-layer softshell laminated with PU diaphragm.

This PU membrane is designed to keep moisture, while transporting moisture out of the inside, so the trousers both dry quickly and breathe well through the workout. Designed with padding on the thighs, this trousers keep you warm and comfortable on even the coldest days.

This padded cross -country trousers have molded knees and zippers on the legs to ensure optimum mobility and fit.

Isolated with Thermore® Ecodown, which consists solely of recycled fibers from PET bottles, provides this pants for heat with improved shelf life throughout the life of the garment, while at the same time constituting a lower environmental impact.

Designed as part of a set, you can combine this trousers with Jacket Aware to achieve the perfect outfit for your next moderate intensity session. Pants Aware is the perfect choice when you want a more sustainable garment throughout the ski season.