Björn Dæhlie Perfomance Tech T-shirt Wmn - Sportí


Björn Dæhlie Perfomance Tech T-shirt Wmn

Litur: White
Stærð: XS

Björn Dæhlie Perfomance Tech T-shirt 

Performance Tech T-Shirt is a lightweight short-sleeved base layer in a wool and Tencel® blend intended for training at all temperatures. Strategically placed mesh panels under the arms provide optimal ventilation.

Flat seams and premium-quality wool for optimal comfort and stretch. A perfect blend of Tencel®, merino wool, and technical fiber ensures optimal insulation, fast drying and moisture wicking.

Just like wool, Tencel® adapts to varying body temperature and has an incredibly soft feel. Product suitable for all intensity levels, all year round.