Canada Goose Standard Toque - Sportí


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Canada Goose Standard Toque

This classic toque is one you'll reach for day after day (after day). Made from soft jersey knit and cut for a snug fit to keep the cold out, it's the perfect complement to our parkas, jackets and vests.


ORIGIN - Made in Italy

  • Wool blend with elastane for a close fit
  • Water-resistant finish for adverse weather conditions
  • Fleece-lined for added warmth and comfort

Canada Goose aðeins selt í verslun

ATH! Aðeins er hægt að kaupa Canada Goose vörur í verslun okkar í Skeifunni 11. Endilega hafið samband til að fá fleiri upplýsingar og til að fá vöruna senda. Sími: 520-1000 -