Icebug legghlífar - Sportí


Icebug legghlífar

Litur: Black
Stærð: S (36-39)

Icebug legghlífar -svartar

  • Léttar og teygjanlegar legghlífar.
  • Frábærar í utanvegahlaupin.
  • Koma í þremur stærðum (S, M og L)

Icebug Pocket Gaiter - Black

  • A lightweight, elastic gaiter that keeps mud and dirt out of your shoes.
  • Although the gaiter is not waterproof, it is highly breathable and water-repellent enough to keep out light rain and snow.
  • In the latest version, the strap can be adjusted under the shoe and hooked in and out to ensure a good fit with shoes of different widths and to make wearing more comfortable.
  • Weight: 750g