Petzl Tikka 300 Höfuðljós - Sportí


Petzl Tikka 300 Höfuðljós

Litur: Black

Petzl Tikka 300 Höfuðljós 

LIGHT FOR EVERYDAY ADVENTURES: The Petzl TIKKA (300 lumens) has three white lighting levels: proximity, movement and distance.

Red lighting feature preserves night vision and prevents members of a group from blinding each other.

LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT: At only 82 g 2.9 oz, the TIKKA will light your path on the trail, on the rock, or in camp.

Without weighing you down.

HYBRID CONCEPT: Petzl headlamps can run on either the CORE rechargeable battery or three AAA batteries without an adapter.

RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: With Petzl's 50:50 Brightness-to-Burn-Time ratio, your Petzl headlamp will retain 50% of its original brightness halfway through the Burn-Time, rather than the 20-30% brightness you get in other brands.

INTUITIVE DESIGN: The Petzl TIKKA has a: single button for quick and easy selection of brightness or light color, phosphorescent reflector (useful for locating the lamp in the dark), and a detachable, washable headband.