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Reima Lento Göngubuxur

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Reima Lento Göngubuxur

Léttar og sterkar göngubuxur fyrir aktíva krakka!

The Finnish word 'lento' means flight. When you watch some kids, they seem to be flying instead of running or walking like we grown-ups do. Kicking, bouncing, jumping in mounds of sand, they act like a bunch of bumper cars gone wild – and we think it's absolutely fine!

Super active kids are masters of wear and tear. That's why Lento pants have extremely durable reinforcements at the knees and seat. With details for adjusting the fit, your kid can comfortably enjoy hours and hours of uninterrupted fun playing – or flying. The zip pockets ensure all the bits and bobs they are stuffed with will still be in place when your kid lands.

Part of the fibers are recycled, so it is also better for our environment. Make every day more sustainable!