Reima Osaten Softshell - Sportí


Reima Osaten Softshell

Litur: Black
Stærð: 10-12 Ára

Reima Osaten Softshell Lúffur

Vatnsheldar Softshell lúffur með mjúku innvolsi

10.0000 mm vatnsheldni


Flexible and breathable kids' softshell mittens. Made from a waterproof material with a dirt-repellent surface. Lined with a brushed polyester knit.

These water-repellent, breathable kids' softshell mittens are made from durable material and have a water- and dirt-repellent surface. The fabric is also very stretchy. The grippy surface on the palm is great for helping little ones hold onto items securely. Lined with a soft brushed polyester knit, these kids' touchscreen mittens are a superb choice!