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Reima Saapas Ullarsokkar

Litur: Navy
Stærð: 22/25

Reima Saapas Navy Ullarsokkar

Merino ullarblanda - 36% wool, 36% acrylic, 18% polyamide, 8% polypropylene, 2% elastane

  • Toddlers' and kids' socks

  • Soft, warm terry inside for maximum comfort

  • Reinforced sole, heel and toe

  • Merino wool mix retains warmth even while moist

Kids' wool-blend socks made with Merino wool for a super warm finish.

They have a cosy terry inside and are great for cross-country skiing, too.

Rainboots' best friend! These kids' wool-blend socks are the perfect choice for cold, rainy days.

The soft terry inside is super warm – especially when worn inside wellies.

These Merino kids' socks by Reima are also quick-drying. Reinforcements in the soles, heels and toes mean they're long-lasting as well.