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Snowline Legghlífar

Stærð: Medium


Snowline Legghlífar

Ideal area of ​​use:
hiking, trekking, ...

Description of the Snowline gaiters:
Gaiters are the ideal accessory for winter hikes in deep snow. The Snowline gaiters are made with deep-drawing hooks, a wide Velcro strip and an elastic band at the top. The storage bag is also included in delivery.

Color of the Snowline gaiter:

M - Calf circumference of 36-39 cm - Height 43cm
L - Calf circumference of 39-43 cm - Height 45cm
XL - Calf circumference of 43-46 cm - Height 47cm

Material of the Snowline gaiter:
Breathable e-Vent material

Features of the gaiters from Snowline:
- Ideal for winter hikes
- Design with deep-pull hooks, wide Velcro strip and elastic band
- Women's and men's version
- Storage bag included in delivery
- Breathable Material

Scope of delivery:
1 pair of Snowline gaiters (including storage bag)