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Ultraspire Astral 4,0 Hlaupavesti

Litur: Black / Green
Black / Green

Ultraspire Astral Hlaupavesti

Fallega sniðið hlaupavesti sem er sérstaklega létt, þægilegt og hreyfist lítið sem ekkert á hlaupum.

Vestið er létt yfir bringusvæðið og gerir allar hreyfingar þægilegar

Vasi fyrir brúsa að framan

2 ltr. vatnsgeymir á bakinu og hefur rennda vasa fyrir alla nauðsynlegustu hlutina

Stillanlegar ólar til að aðlaga að líkamanum

The Astral 4.0 is the newest iteration of our female specific vest which features our patented HerFit Harness. The HerFit Harness is a securing strap system designed specifically to fit women. The straps allow for chest, heart, and lungs to be free with no restriction to the open air. This pack’s minimized contact ensures that you will not chafe. The Astral 4.0 has been upgraded with our UltrAcool Light Mesh which provides a very breathable and lightweight feel and increased pack durability. It has been lined with a soft perimeter binding to ensure any contact with the body is comfortable over the long haul. A new shoulder pocket capable of carrying any size cell phone has been added. A sweat-proof pocket has also been added for those items you want to keep dry. For an even better fit, the Astral 4.0 features a Max02 System side compression adjustment which helps stabilize the pack empty or fully loaded and provides a more fitted feel with less heat retention. The main compartment of this vest now feature an expandable mesh which has increased the capacity to 9 liters for the endeavors that require more gear and can be secured down with string compression keeping the pack stable. 2 liter reservoir included.