Zone 3 Women's ASPIRE WETSUIT - Sportí



Litur: Aspire
Stærð: ML

The newest Aspire Wetsuit takes our most loved wetsuit to the next level.

With over 10 years of awards, The Aspire is the perfect wetsuit for both beginners and pro's - packing a punch in terms of features and technology.

One of the highest-rated wetsuits of the last decade.

•    NEW Silk X lining -  To aid smoother transitions and provide unrivalled comfort against the skin.

•    New X-10 Extreme - Enhanced integrated one-piece shoulder and chest.

•    NEW COOL-SPOT FOREARM PANELS for improved feel and catch in the water.

•    Aerodome buoyancy panels on the legs and hips.

•    Improved laser-cut collar design.

•    Made with 100% Premium Yamamoto materials for comfort & flexibility.

•    Pro Speed Cuffs for rapid removal after the swim save you vital time on any course.

•    SCS Nano coating.

•    Designed for a fast, smooth and natural feeling swim.

•    Comes with a free mesh storage bag.


The Aspire has been the perfect suit for the beginner, all the way to the pro athlete since its conception in 2008. As the reviews say, "Swimming in the Aspire is every bit as comfortable and energy-efficient as swimming in wetsuits costing twice as much", and this hasn't changed in the 2022 version.

Backed up with a host of industry reviews that commend it for its flexibility, buoyancy and speed of removal, the newest version of the Aspire wetsuit brings you everything you love, and adds some significant upgrades to increase comfort, flexibility and feel even further.